About Park On My Drive

Ask any motorist in any country in the world what the bane of their lives is, and aside from traffic wardens, the answer almost all will give you is – parking!

Founded on the ethos of true entrepreneurship, Park On My Drive is an ingenious new concept that allows those who have empty driveways and garages to rent them out on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to motorists who have had enough of soaring car park fees, resident permit zones and the dreaded yellow line.

How many times in the last few months have you driven to a busy destination in a new town, to a hospital appointment or to a football stadium, only to find that it’s taken you the same amount of time to park as it did to actually get there, all the while noticing scores of empty driveways?

Now ask yourself how easy life would be if you could pre-book a parking space just a few minutes walk from where you need to be with no hassle and for far less than the cost of a car park, or, in a worst-case scenario, a £60 parking ticket, a clamp or even a friendly tow.

In any marketplace, there always has to be a provider and there always has to be a consumer and Park On My Drive unites the car owner and the driveway owner for mutually beneficial purposes. The driver gets a parking space and the homeowner gets paid for it.

Driveway owners pay a one-off yearly registration fee to Park On My Drive for advertising their space on the site and car owners pay whatever the driveway owner feels is appropriate for using their space. There’s NO COMMISSION and NO HASSLE!

Register now to make money from your empty parking space and to take the stress out of parking - FOREVER.

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