Park On My Drive Terms & Conditions

  1. Persons registering and using this site do so on the understanding and agree that this site is purely an advertising and contact arranging medium between two parties at their mutual consent and that it forms no or is no part of any form of contract made between persons using this site.
  2. Persons found to be or alleged to be abusing the site, or other members, or are the subject of complaints from other members may have their registration suspended or cancelled at the discretion of the site owners Tanach enterprises.
  3. Persons wishing to advertise their drive (garage etc.) agree to accept and respond to emailed invoicing in accordance with the payment terms and methods stated thereon. Vat will be applied at the current rate at the time of invoicing when applicable and our business Tanach Enterprises becomes vat registered by necessity.
  4. Drive owners will pay a £15.00 annual registration fee, the first payment will become due upon issue of an invoice following the first booking enquiry received for a drive owner's particular space. Multiple space owners will pay £15.00 (annually) for each space registered and advertised on the website. The annual fee wll become due upon the anniversary of the first payment. The registration/annual fee is subject to change with due notice. PayPal will automatically collect this fee annually unless the drive owner cancels the regular payment collection option with PayPal.
  5. Persons registering any part of their property for letting agree to make payment on receipt of our invoice. For the first year of registration the invoice will be emailed upon the first booking made on their only or first space. For further multiple spaces and commercial sites an email invoice will be sent on the completing and loading the booking calendar(s) on the site. Subsequent years the invoice will be emailed on the anniversary of the loading of their respective booking calendar(s). Use of the photo facilities for both letter and seeker will be invoiced by email at time of using the facility selected.
  6. Any form of spamming that is used and is or may be detected will be removed with possible suspension of the member responsible.
  7. The owners of the site are in no way responsible and are not to be held responsible or accountable for any disagreements, actions or altercations between members (and/or their property) using this site.
  8. Registered members agree to accept future changes to the Terms and Conditions upon reasonable time given of notification for the change. Changes will obviously occur as the site is modified and improved to offer further and improved services.


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